Leverage Real-Time Data:

Track & Control Cost, Schedule & Risk

16-18 April

Houston TX

Day One
Tuesday, June 27 2017

Day Two
Wednesday, June 28 2017

Utilizing Data & Technology to Streamline Tracking, Forecasting & Reporting

Chair’s Opening Remarks


The Great Debate: Value of Implementing an Earned Value System


• Addressing streamlined approaches to implementing earned value to understand how to maximize its value on both small and large projects

• Identifying and examining the key elements which determine how effective the application of earned value will be on a project

• Exposing the pitfalls: hearing a real example of why the “strict” interpretation of variance data related to earned value should be avoided

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

Owner Perspective: Streamlining the Process of Collating & Analyzing Real-Time Data for Proactive Project Controls

  • Subhash Tuladhar Executive Director of Project Controls, NYC Department of Design and Construction


• Hearing how vast amounts of fragmented data can be quickly pulled together to enable analytics

• Understanding what data needs to be focused on to drive effective  decision making: what information delivers genuine insight?

• Streamlining the process of compiling concise but effective reports for project managers, owners and other key stakeholders

Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Improving Data Capture from the Field to Ensure Projects Are Tracked Accurately


• Developing a job site culture that understands and respects the importance of project controls to reduce cutting corners of data capture

• Assessing emerging tools to assist in the transfer of real-time data from the field to project controls

• Deciding which data is most critical to be collected from the job site to prioritize scrutiny over the metrics that matter

Cloud EPC: A Case Study on Successfully Implementing an Enterprise Project Controls Software On-Time and On-Budget


  • An inside look at Cloud EPC’s fully-integrated enterprise project controls system
  • How to successfully implement, integrate and roll-out an enterprise project controls software on time and on budget (includes valuable lessons learned)
  • Learn how Saulsbury Industries successfully transformed their project controls processes and gained competitive advantages using Cloud EPC

Networking Lunch

Tracking & Reporting

Revealing Innovative Methods for Tracking Labor, Equipment & Material Costs through the Project Lifecycle


• Comparing traditional methods for keeping track of hundreds of staff and activity costs, and managing historical data across a wide spectrum of projects

• Analyzing trends to forecast the cost of each item for the remainder of the project: how does this compare to the original budget?

• Hearing what innovations have been made to improve the accuracy of cost tracking and forecasting on mega projects

Optimizing Communication with Clients to Enable Data-Driven Design Decisions as Early as Possible

  • James Norris Director in Systems, Workflows and Technology, The Beck Group
  • Aaron Harper Regional Scheduler, The Beck Group


• Thinking about the customer perspective: what data do they need & how do they want it presented?

• Hearing what innovative report features have had a positive impact on
contractor-client relations

• Understanding what level of accuracy a client needs in their data to be able to make informed decisions on design changes


Reporting & Dashboarding in Procore – It Doesn’t Take a Programmer

  • Josh Newland Senior Manager, Industry Marketing, Procore Technologies


  • See how reports and dashboards are created in Procore with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.
  • Look at examples of project and company level insights that can be surfaced in Procore.
  • Learn how Procore plans to allow you to connect all of your applications and leverage your data through Construction OS.

Leveraging Tools to Improve Document Control

  • Brian Tighe National Director of Project Analytics, Skanska


• Deciding which tool to use when the project owner, designer and contractor all have different preferred tools

• Assessing the trends in document control on projects: what impact is BIM having on traditional document control practices and how are cloud platforms and mobile technology changing the way we deal with security?

• Discussing the benefits and risks of using new technology for managing documents to address whether a “paperless” jobsite eliminates all risk
This presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion, which will enable all members of the audience to share their experiences with document control tools used on their projects.

Afternoon Refreshments

Achieving Project Confidence with Accurate, Real-time Information


  • Highlight project execution challenges that are experienced due to the inconsistent collection of operational data
  • Share how control and field execution tools can provide accurate project information in real-time, enabling more informed decisions
  • Showcase proven ways operational data can be used to increase confidence in project outcomes and minimize risks

Audience Discussion: Collating Experiences of Project Controls Tools & Software across the Industry


This interactive discussion will enable all members of the audience to share their experiences with their software. Factors to compare include functionality, ease of use, level of integration, cost and overall satisfaction. Each table will share their experiences among their group and then summarize their top thoughts to the rest of the audience. You will walk
away with a broad understanding of what tools are being utilized across the industry and the pros and cons of each.


Encouraging Buy-In from the Project Team to Maximize the Influence of Project Controls


• Examining how project controls specialists can be brought into a project team as early as possible to enable input to be effective

• Reviewing how each stakeholder such as engineers and contractors are incentivized to determine why the advice of project controls may not be executed

• Hearing what you can do to establish strong personal relationships with key members of the project team

• Building closer relationships with subcontractors in order to educate and direct them on the value of implementing and monitoring project controls

Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Day One