7:30 am Registration & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Adam Krob Director of Information Technology, Field Audit, and Process Improvement, Boh Bros. Construction Co LLC

Breaking Down Silos & Identifying Opportunities Across Industries

8:10 am Panel Discussion: Reviewing the Role of Project Controls Across Industries & Project Scales: Defining the Scope, Value & Feasibility

Moderator: Roberto Orlandi Director, Project Governance Microsoft

  • Thomas Gannon Vice President & Global Head Of Project Management, Design & Construction, Avenues: The World School
  • Juan Parra Project Control Specialist, Marathon Petroleum Company
  • Adam Krob Director of Information Technology, Field Audit, and Process Improvement, Boh Bros. Construction Co LLC
  • James Shavers Director, Global Project Controls, Vantage Data Centers


  • Assessing best practice within project controls, and how can best practice be applied broadly without becoming meaningless
  • Understanding the varying levels of controls analysis across industries: Is the focus shifting as more data sources become available and what does this mean for project controls management?
  • Identifying transferable controls trends from one industry that deliver value in other sectors

8:50 am Democratizing Data to Drive Business Outcomes


  • How data is captured and used today.
  • The data dilemma in construction and how centralizing data is the solution.
  • Creating a path from data to insights – at scale.
  • How self-serve analytics creates a data feedback loop.
  • How to build historical databases to drive continuous improvement.

9:20 am Morning Refreshments

Innovation in Practice

10:00 am Integrating Cost & Schedule to Improve Forecast Accuracy & Tracking


  • Itemising how to align cost allocation with schedule
  • Reviewing how cost and schedule analysis changes when integrated into a single baseline
  • Understanding how technology can facilitate integration of data points at a micro level for further accuracy of tracking

10:40 am Understanding How to Improve Clarity & Consistency in Project Controls with BIM

  • Sadia janjua chief project controls, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Ashley Turner VDC manager, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey


  • Using BIM to integrate and interrogate data while avoiding data gaps and improving predictability and performance
  • Developing an Asset Breakdown Structure and linking this to a scope description, program schedule and developing a controlling structure
  • Reviewing the benefits that can be expected to your current processes and also next steps when gaps between emerging design and working estimate and schedule are revealed

11:20 am Understanding How Production Management & Productivity Tracking Benefit the Project & the People

  • Jon Mancheski Director - Project Financial Management & Internal Controls, The Boldt Company


  • Outlining the benefits of fully engaging project teams from management to crew in productivity tracking
  • Analyzing how to track and analyse productivity to benefit not just management but crew as well
  • Ensuring production management and productivity tracking is integrated and presented in the correct manner to ensure consistency and relevance for all stakeholders.

Managing Technology Disruption

10:00 am Identifying Opportunities for Technology to Enhance Project Controls Workflows


  • Reviewing where construction sits vs other industries when it comes to digital adoption
  • Identifying key areas for investment that can yield the most immediate results dependent on project size and construction industry segment
  • Understanding the impact of key technologies for your organisation, processes, and the role of project controls

10:40 am Winning Support & Managing Expectations When Deploying New Technologies

  • Brooks Williams Director of Construction Technology, Alberici Constructors Inc.


  • Building clarity around what will change and what will stay the same to avoid disappointment
  • Reviewing related processes and technology to ensure ease of adoption
  • Developing a clear resource plan to streamline deployment and training

11:20 am Panel Discussion: Easing Integration & Preventing Your Technology Roadmap from Becoming a Burden to Productivity y

Moderator: Patrick Hennessy, Director, Scheduling & Analytics, Harkins Builders

  • Brooks Williams Director of Construction Technology, Alberici Constructors Inc.
  • Osama Abdelfatah AVP Regional Program Controls Director, Americas, AECOM
  • Thomas Gannon Vice President & Global Head Of Project Management, Design & Construction, Avenues: The World School


  • Developing a benchmarking process software to ensure you get industry ‘best practice’ without sinking costs into failed experiments
  • Reviewing how you integrate applications to avoid duplication of effort and ensure important data is not lost
  • Including the field context and human element of technology roll-out and integration

Accurate Forecasting & Managing Resource Availability

12:00 pm Audience Discussion: Reviewing Innovation in Practice to Optimize the Value of Controls at Project Level


Building on the morning presentations, join the discussion with your fellow delegates:

  • Assessing areas of priority for improvement in your own processes
  • Identifying the gaps in people, process or technology and these need to be coordinated
  • Building a target driven implementation strategy that is measurable and stakeholder aligned

Getting Ready for AI

12:00 pm Getting Your Data AI Ready

  • Jad Chalhoub Director - Business Analytics,Technology Solutions & Implementation Lead, Rosendin Electric, Inc.


  • Outlining the barriers to AI implementation and finding yourself on that scale
  • Developing the data hygiene requirements to prepare you for AI deployment
  • Understanding the practical benefits that AI and machine learning can offer at program, project, and field level

12:40 pm Networking Lunch

Defining Your Internal Strategy & Moving Towards Industry-Wide Best Practice

1:40 pm Identifying & Defining Your Strategy & Roadmap for Project Controls

  • Nidhi Jain Director of Engineering Project Controls, Kiewit Corp.


  • Identifying strategic people, process, and technology priorities for project controls within your organisation
  • Analyzing the impact of macro industry and economic trends and how they could influence the priorities you should pursue in the short-, medium- and long-term
  • Ensuring your long-term strategy and development requirements are not bound by short-term decision making today

2:20 pm Panel Discussion: How Can the Industry Work Together to Support Quality in Project Controls at All Levels?


  • Developing consistency across companies in what constitutes best practice in project controls
  • Identifying routes to share and review best practice more publicly on an ongoing basis
  • Reviewing how large companies can transfer their expertise and best practice to smaller companies to ensure standards across industries and organization scale

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:10 pm End of Conference