7:30 am Registration & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Roberto Orlandi Director Project Governance, Knowledge Management & Innovation, Microsoft

8:05 am
Cross-Sector Analysis & Opportunities

8:10 am Case Study: A Root-Cause Analysis of Why Large Infrastructure Projects Fail & How to Protect Against This

  • Martin Lopez Director - Program Controls, Hill International Inc.


  • Reviewing why large projects so often fail in achieving their cost and schedule objectives
  • Examining the process of the complexity of claims on large projects to protect the clients’ interests
  • Mapping out critical challenges from including personnel turnover, data volume to mid-project pivots and examining how to address these
  • Drawing best practice across large projects in project governance for effective controls

8:50 am Panel: Reviewing Shared Best Practice & Industry Specific Priorities to Identify Cross-Sector Innovation Opportunities

  • Pavan Naraparaju Director of Project Controls, Texas International Terminals
  • Dathan Beasley Director of Project Controls, Turner & Townsend
  • Kimberly Tassone Associate Vice President & Global Director Project Controls, Black & Veatch


  • Reviewing what best practice looks like based on industry context and how this has evolved
  • Understanding why certain industries place greater focus on some controls over others, and the implications this has for project delivery
  • Analyzing transferability of tools and methodologies from one industry to another and innovation opportunities

9:30 am Morning Refreshments

10:00 am
Leveraging Advanced Data Analytics

10:10 am Panel: Building a Path for Digital Transformation & Automation to Improve Decision Making Through Improved Technology Management

  • Ranjeet Gadhoke Vice President of Project Controls, Zachary Construction Corporation
  • Osama Abdelfatah Associate Vice President & Regional Program Controls Director, AECOM


  • Exploring areas of inefficiency in current manual processes to target your automation strategy
  • Mapping your current tech stack to review areas of interdependency, duplication, and redundancy
  • Developing a trial strategy to robustly test suitability for your operational requirements and ROI

10:50 am Case Study: Demonstrating Efficiency & Profitability Gains with Project Controls Through Advanced Analytics


  • Drawing together discrete data sets to ensure information is not lost, while also filtering out the noise
  • Using advanced analytics to connect niche data points and derive efficiency opportunities
  • Translating analysis into actions to unlock project level efficiency and profitability

11:30 am Case Study: Overcoming Challenges in New Technology & Process Roll-Out to Get Effective Buy-In at Field, Regional & Enterprise Levels

  • Kevin Miles Sr. Project Controls Engineer, Granite Construction
  • Joshua Woolley Director of Project Controls, Granite Construction


  • Developing a communications strategy to clarify objectives of new rollouts to manage expectations in a decentralized, multi-region enterprise
  • Identifying local functional champions to review the impact of new processes in deployment
  • Exploring a model for engaging end users to pilot, address concerns, and highlight value for them

12:10 pm Networking Lunch

1:00 pm
Developing a Roadmap for Project Controls

1:10 pm Breakouts: Exploring Recruitment & Retention Strategies to Meet the Needs of an Evolving Discipline

  • Teresa Tsung Executive Director of Project Controls, MasTec


  • Identifying gaps and opportunities in your team skillsets and structure to focus your recruitment and development strategy
  • Implementing internal programs to improve retention and set project controls as a career of choice
  • Working with educational institutions upstream to create the skills the industry needs

1:50 pm Panel: Exploring Capacity & Capability Strategies to Optimize Existing Resources & Support Organizational Growth


  • Exploring avenues for effective projects controls to support organizational growth strategies
  • Deploying a mindset of continuous improvement while balancing the risk of innovation fatigue or wasted resources
  • Optimizing internal processes to support growth ambitions without immediate additional resource investment
  • Analyzing best practice in scaling for growth and expanded capacity

2:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Roberto Orlandi Director Project Governance, Knowledge Management & Innovation, Microsoft

2:40 pm End of Conference