7:15 am Registration & Breakfast

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Michelle Stuart Global Director of Project Delivery Systems, Jacobs Engineering

Gaining Buy In & Influence

8:10 am Securing a Seat at the Table for Project Controls: How to Gain the Respect & Buy-in of Corporate Leadership

  • Angel Martinez Assistant Director of Cost Management , The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Sadia Janjua Chief of Project Controls , The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey


  • Defining the strategic goals of your project controls team and linking it to the top priorities of the firm
  • How to quantify the value of better schedules, forecasts and data: what are the numbers that will grab attention?
  • Identifying your objective: what do you want from management, how much will it cost, and how to prove the ROI
  • Influencing senior decision makers through data to ensure the right risk mitigation actions on a project

8:50 am Driving Company Culture so All Project Teams Are Accountable to Their Project Controls Responsibilities


  • Setting clear expectations and processes so communication with project controls does not feel like a burden
  • Showcasing the value of project controls through case studies and data to gain the respect of project managers and superintendents
  • Creating a culture of accountability, with clear next steps available if project teams are not abiding by their responsibilities

9:30 am Morning Refreshments

Advancements in Scheduling

10:00 am Case Study: Taking Control of Construction Scheduling: P6 Implemented Statewide


Case study on how a transportation agency took control of $1B in yearly construction contracts statewide. Come hear about how the P6 enterprise system is set up, what it does, how it was implemented, how it is really used, how we encourage usage by agency employees, contractors and consultants, high-level reporting, training programs, how we maintain quality schedules, daily operations and lessons learned.

10:40 am Hearing How to Integrate Cost & Schedule to Provide a Robust Performance Management Baseline


  • Seeing step-by-step how cost is allocated in a segmented structure, allowing it to align with elements of the schedule
  • Understanding how cost and schedule are analyzed when integrated into a single baseline
  • Reviewing the role of technology in further integrating cost and schedule on a more granular level

10:45 am
Technology Selection & Implementation

11:20 am Managing the Transition to a New Project Management Information System


  • Understanding the method for reviewing, selecting and gaining support for your software choice
  • Providing training and support to staff during the transition to reduce disruption and manage their reaction to change
  • Hearing what technical and management lessons were learned in the rollout of the new tool

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Panel: Benchmarking Emerging Technology Across Scheduling, Estimating, Project Management & Claims


  • Discussing emerging tools that are being adopted and why they were selected
  • Benchmarking best practices for cost-value analysis and how this can gain buy-in for the investment
  • Assessing where tools are really making a difference. What are the best tools to be adopted and why?

Structure & Processes

1:40 pm Managing & Tracking Owner Lead Change Management & Scope Creep to Ensure Project Profitability & Minimize Disputes

  • Sal Bouseliman Project Executive, Director of Project Controls, New Line Structures


  • Ending a “surprise” culture of claims to quickly address cardinal changes as they occur and ensure all changes are approved by authorized decision makers, go through the right processes and the agreed price is cemented in writing before work begins to prevent disputes
  • Identifying the best methods in tracking changes and understanding its impact to cost, schedule and risk
  • Ensure project managers are bought-in and held accountable to tracking and documenting change management and its effect on hours of additional labour and GC profit margins

2:20 pm Leveraging Document Management & Early Identification to Mitigate & Resolve Claims


  • Ensuring your document management processes are sufficient to clearly demonstrate who did what on a project, and protect your film
  • Determining the optimal time to deal with claims and the step-by-step process of how to react to them
  • Hearing common mistakes made in claims management and what your project controls team needs to be prepared for

3:00 pm Developing Organizational Structure & Culture to Ensure Best Practices Are Implemented Across All Regions & Levels of Seniority

  • Juan Parra Project Controls Manager , Faithful+Gould


  • Hearing how to take innovation and lessons learned from one project and scale it across all projects in all regions of your firm
  • Optimizing the responsibilities and authority of each layer of management to streamline the sharing of best practices vertically and horizontally in the project controls function
  • Creating firm wide training and case study sharing platforms to help standardize expectations of what best practice looks like in all offices

3:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Michelle Stuart Global Director of Project Delivery Systems, Jacobs Engineering

3:50 pm End of Conference