2020 Focus Day

Monday February 3, 2020

Reports & Dashboards

8:00 am Registration & Breakfast

9:00 am Refocusing Your Efforts on Data Analysis, Predictive Reports & Real-Time Information: How to Transition Your Team


How many hours does your team spend each month creating reports, which once finished are already out of date? Are you so busy creating those reports that you don’t have the time to innovate processes and analyze data coming from the field? This session will explore how you can reset expectations and change the culture of the team, enabling a step change to focus on predictive reports and the communication of real-time analysis.

10:30 am Morning Refreshments

11:00 am How to Automate Reports to Free Up More Time for Analysis & Reduce Administration


This session will explore the data and technology requirements to automate elements of the report creation process. Automation will enable easier visibility over multiple ongoing projects and ensure the right information goes to the right people in your organization. We’ll also review the pros and cons of different solutions including ease of integration with your existing systems and processes.

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm Designing Easy to Use Dashboards That Communicate the Right Metrics for Success


With so much data to crunch, which data needs to be included in each dashboard? Who needs to see what? This session will explore which metrics to include, as well as best practices in data visualization theory so you can create engaging dashboards that grab the attention of their audience. Though these insights you’ll be able to create dashboards that truly impact decision making on projects.

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Creating Consistency in Report & Dashboard Design Through Promoting Company-Wide Standards


Reports and dashboards are easier to use and are more likely to drive data-driven decision making when they are easily digestible, and conform to an expected standard or template. This session will address the challenge of inconsistency and how you can communicate expectations, train staff and roll out standards that are executed through the rest of your team.

5:00 pm End of Focus Day