2023 Pre-Conference Focus Day

Monday, 27 February 2023

Recruitment & Workforce Development

12:00 pm Registration & Networking

12:50 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:00 pm Redefining Project Controls Roles & Responsibilities to Meet the Needs of a Booming Construction Industry


  • Clarifying what project controls is within construction, and how roles and responsibilities have, and need, to evolve to support a flourishing construction industry
  • Reviewing the routes to project controls as a career choice and understanding the learning curve for new team members from analytics, projects or construction backgrounds
  • Addressing the challenge of retaining industry competency in the fields of project controls as the industry hits a retirement cliff

1:40 pm Panel: Managing Recruitment in a Tight Market to Meet High Demand


  • Expanding candidate profiles when embarking on recruitment, reviewing backgrounds and additional training requirements
  • Identifying the key gaps in project controls roles, examining shortages of specialist expertise and seniority
  • Developing a strategy to diversify and become more representative without sacrificing quality
  • Building a pipeline of qualified candidates while managing salary expectations and non-financial benefits

2:20 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:00 pm Developing a Curriculum for Entrants to Project Controls to Meet the Needs of an Evolving Industry


  • Identifying the key skills requirements for your organisation, what can you train, what comes with experience and mapping this out as a curriculum and career path
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for entrants to project controls to help engage your staff early and improve retention
  • Training the basics and developing a robust development framework to future proof your team

3:40 pm Audience Discussion: Analyzing the Opportunities & Risks of Technology to Support a Labor Market Struggling to Keep Up


Building on the day's presentations, join the discussion with your fellow delegates:

  • Using technology strategically to supplement inexperienced employees’ skillsets
  • Reinforcing the fundamentals of a project controls role to avoid technology becoming a crutch
  • Pairing digital natives and industry veterans to integrate the soft skills, how can you effectively transfer knowledge in a labor force at either end of their careers?

4:25 pm End of Focus Day