Track & Control Cost, Schedule & Risk:

June 26-28, 2017

Denver, Colorado

About Event

Hanson Wade creates innovative and cutting edge forums for the construction community. Advancing Project Controls 2017 has been developed with over forty senior industry professionals and joins our successful portfolio of events including Multi-Trade Prefabrication (Dallas, January 2017) and Integrated Project Delivery (San Francisco, December 2016).

Topics to be discussed at the meeting include:

  • Utilizing real-time data for informed decision making
  • Software standardization and integration for improved data extraction, document control and project performance analysis
  • Driving a culture of collaboration among the project team and optimizing communication with clients to enhance project execution and maximize the influence of project controls
  • Exploring innovative approaches to project controls including implementing EVMS systems, value engineering and lean methodologies
  • The benefits of adopting proactive risk management and the tools which identify opportunities to reduce risk
  • Advancing project controls through staff training and engagement

We strive to create an environment where the right people are connected and genuine experiences are shared, therefore this event is unbiased towards any vendor, solution or industry strategy. Our focus is to encourage honest, open discussion. We believe that leveraging the opportunity for you to connect with your peers will allow you draw as many meaningful insights from the meeting as possible, and therefore our agenda is designed so that sections are finalized with interactive roundtable sessions to enhance your learning experience.

Whatever your project controls background, you will walk away from this meeting with valuable cross-industry insight and a wealth of best practices to advance your operations and project controls processes back in the office.

Download the Full Event Brochure here, for full details on every session and speaker at the conference, and a taste of what to expect.