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Attendance By Industry - Advancing Project Controls Summit 2019
Attendance by Job Title - Advancing Project Controls Summit 2019

When conducting research for this meeting with project controls professionals, we found they were unclear on how to navigate the complicated project controls vendor landscape. With so many solutions and software out there, VPs/Directors/Managers of Project Controls are struggling to find the solution that is best for them – are they missing your product?

Advancing Project Controls 2020 is a unique forum for project controls professionals to gather, network, listen to case studies and lessons learned on how to overcome current challenges and realize their ambitions with project-level and corporate level strategy. If you have the solution our audience needs to know about get in touch to discuss how we can best showcase your product. Our attendees are especially interested in:


In addition to having a comprehensive strategy, developing reliable and effective project controls operations is largely dependent on leveraging new and existing solutions to enhance the ability to track projects, manage data, monitor and mitigate risk, and more.

Please note that the meeting will not have a tradeshow approach where sponsorship opportunities are virtually limitless. This is a niche and tailored meeting where opportunities for event sponsorship are limited to ensure that we keep the integrity of an industry led meeting. You’ll benefit from exclusive access to the most engaged executives in the industry, with time to present your solutions and create lasting connections.

If you’d like more information on the meeting, please contact or call +1 713 554 8480