8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Big Data: Harnessing Collection & Analysis

8:10 am Keynote: Leveraging Data Analytics & AI to Transform the Efficiency & Effectiveness of Project Controls

  • Michelle Stuart Global Director of Project Delivery Systems , Jacobs Engineering


  • Benchmarking current practice in project controls efficiency and effectiveness: how high are the industry’s standards?
  • Assessing the uptake and potential for data analytics in positively impacting projects – can historical data be utilized, and to what extent is it producing useful results?
  • Exploring AI for advanced predictive data analytics: how technology can push project controls to the next level

9:00 am Enhancing the Collection of Project Data in Real Time to Inform Tracking & Decision Making


  • Reviewing data collection techniques: how to establish measurable value from project statistics
  • Evaluating how to keep up with large volumes of data and verify meaningful metrics: is more detail always better?
  • Discussing how sensors, drones, and other technologies can be used to collect real-time data for automated tracking and analysis

9:40 am The Benefits of Connecting Your Field Teams to Your Office & The Digitalization of Construction for Deeper Insights

9:50 am The Great Debate: Exploring the Value of Implementing an Earned Value System


  • Addressing various streamlined approaches to earned value: how to get the most out of implementing earned value on projects of all sizes
  • Examining the different elements that play a role in determining how effective earned value will be for you in your particular application
  • Discussing a case study to expose some of the dangers and pitfalls of the “strict” interpretation of variance data related to earned value

10:30 am Speed Networking and Morning Refreshments

Corporate-Wide Management

11.30 Creating & Driving Company Project Controls Standards to Enhance Overall Performance

  • Addressing procedures for control: how to establish bespoke project controls standards for your business
  • Identifying methods to ensure company-wide accommodation of project controls standards and processes
  • Reflecting on the influence of project controls staff in executive decision making: could greater involvement at company level lead to better overall performance?

Joshua Woolley
Director of Project Controls, Granite Construction

12.10 Leveraging Data Visualization to Track the Execution of Project Controls Company-Wide

  • Exploring data visualization tools: analyzing opportunities for use in corporate-wide project controls management
  • Benchmarking current usage in data visualization: what are the visuals and KPIs that can be leveraged?
  • Revealing the application of data visualization technologies: linking design to the construction schedule, producing portfolio-level overviews, and more

Andy McCracken
Vice President of Project Controls, Turner Industries


Innovations in Technology

11.30 Exploring Technological Innovation: How to Use New Tools to Supplement Existing Procedures

  • Assessing the current usage of technology in project controls: is there an industry standard?
  • Reviewing the potential for technological innovations to support traditional practice: how to find the right balance
  • Hearing an example of where the use of new tools has measurably enhanced the project outcome: demonstrating the ROI

Steve Moore
Division Scheduling Manager, Robins & Morton


12.10 Selecting the Appropriate Software for Your Team: Identifying Needs & Reducing Disruption

  • Evaluating the range of software available for project controls: how have recent tools made available impacted the industry?
  • Developing a business case for new software: what metrics should you assess to decide on where to invest?
  • Reviewing how to minimize the disruption caused by the integration of a new software

Brooks Williams,
Director of Project Controls & VDC, Alberici Group


12:50 pm Networking Lunch

Corporate-Wide Management

1.50 Roundtable Discussion: Better Defining the Roles of Functions: How to Ensure Your Team Works in Sync

  • Reviewing organizational structures in project controls: is there a standard functional arrangement between schedulers, estimators, and project controls specialists?
  • Clarifying the definition of each party: how to communicate a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities for a more reliable team output
  • Discussing systems vs culture: where should the focus be in establishing a synergistic project controls department?


2.30 Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Integrate Project Controls Culture & Expectations into New Businesses

  • Outlining the changing landscape in the construction industry: how are recent mergers and acquisitions impacting the corporate positioning of project controls?
  • Debating the role of project controls in “mega companies”: how to combine culture and process from smaller organizations into one
  • Discussing the lack of industry uniformity on mergers: is process standardization realistic to ease working together – acquisitions or otherwise?

John Hartman
Vice President & National Director of Project Controls, WSP

3.10 Audience Discussion

Innovations in Technology

1.50 Owner Perspective: How to Ensure Your Contractor is Executing Robust Project Controls

  • Exploring owner requirements and standards from contractors: establishing expectations for efficient working relationships
  • Understanding how owners can guide the contractor resource on projects to ensure it is delivered to success without hindering progress or innovation
  • Sharing best practices in enhancing owner-contractor relationships: contracts, culture, and communication

Greg Whiteside
Senior Cost Engineer, Chevron

2.30 Encouraging Transparent Information Transfer from Contractors on Project Progress

  • Exploring reporting standards from contractors to owners: what is expected, and what are the cultural barriers to receiving it?
  • Discussing how alternative contractual agreements can incentivize or encourage contractors to share job-site information with owners
  • Identifying best practices in encouraging realistic reports from field staff: how can corporate culture be improved at all levels to reduce site-level fear and inaccuracy?

Jason Harrison
Project Controls Director, CCC Group


3.10 Audience Discussion

3:40 pm Afternoon Refreshments

4:30 pm Exploring Best Practices in Change Order Management

  • Danny Scott Director of Procurement & Project Controls , Yates Construction


  • Recognizing, evaluating, and implementing change: how to be proactive when faced with changes to your project
  • Discussing the different types of project changes, and how to be successful in your approach towards them
  • Revealing lessons learned with change orders – how can you continually improve your process to enhance procedure next time?

5:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:20 pm End of Day One