7:00 am Registration & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Roberto Orlandi Director Project Governance, Knowledge Management & Innovation, Microsoft

8:05 am
Realigning the Value of Project Controls

8:10 am Highlighting the Benefits of Project Controls to Reinforce Standards & Expectations at Project Level


  • Identifying milestones and priorities at project, business unit and company levels to clarify requirements
  • Setting clear processes and expectations against KPIs to ensure data is accurately reported
  • Implementing a roadmap to hit key priorities within your organization

8:50 am Panel: Demonstrating ROI of Project Controls to Secure Organizational Buy-In

  • Roberto Orlandi Director Project Governance, Knowledge Management & Innovation, Microsoft
  • Jerry Molina Associate Director of Project Controls, S&B Engineers & Constructors LLC
  • Kristen Ortiz Director of Project Controls, Hill & Wilkinson
  • Kathleen Macfarlane Senior Cost Estimator, U.S. Architect of the Capitol


  • Understanding how to build relationships with departments and demonstrate the value of project controls
  • Presenting the value of accurate cost estimation, tracking and control throughout the project lifecycle at all levels
  • Defining and presenting your objectives, the investment needed in cost and resources alongside ultimate ROI

9:30 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

9:45 am
Developing Agility in Project Governance

10:10 am Case Study: Implementing Lean in Project Controls for Impactful Project Decision Making

  • Bruce Cohoon Senior Scheduling Manager, Turner Construction Co


  • Reviewing the ‘why’ behind Lean Methodologies used to identify and eliminate waste
  • Exploring the internal controls changes implemented to move beyond traditional critical path method
  • Overcoming challenges in rolling out Lean practices at field level to ensure value is demonstrated, rather than seen as just another burden

11:30 am Networking Lunch

12:00 pm
Innovation in Best Practice to De-Risk Project Delivery

12:30 pm Panel: Pinpointing Opportunities for Innovation & Development to Enhance the Value of Project Controls


  • Developing a continuous review process to identify gaps in current processes
  • Reviewing the implications of organizational or project strategy evolution for project controls requirements
  • Analyzing the implications and accommodations that need to be made of new process roll outs

1:10 pm Case Study: Effectively Analyzing & Enhancing Safety to Stay Ahead of Project Hurdles


  • Identifying potential challenges that impact safety in the early project phase to provide clarity from the outset
  • Discussing lessons learned and strategies for mitigating risks, emphasizing the importance of early identification
  • Using effective data to identify potential negative trends and provide direct solutions

1:50 pm Aligning Expectations & Delivery Between Contractor & Client to Mitigate Claims

  • Rafael Martin Director of Technical Service, Project Controls, Vanir Construction Management


  • Ensuring all parties have reviewed schedules to assess how achievable they are
  • Applying effective risk analysis to pre-empt challenges in delivery
  • Agreeing to triage and mitigation mechanisms in case of deviation and establishing alternatives

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

2:45 pm
Driving Value Through Improved Stakeholder Integration & Communication

3:00 pm Case Study: How We Developed In-House Capabilities to Improve Collaboration, Transparency & Certainty with Clients in Project Delivery

  • Andrew Cowan Director - Project Controls, H+M Industrial EPC


  •  Outlining why and the resources required to develop in-house platforms rather than third-party solutions
  • Unpacking the benefits and challenges of integrating data flows in real-time with clients and how that influenced our processes and working relationship
  • Sharing insights and future efficiency opportunities following the first real-project deployments

3:40 pm Harnessing Project Controls to Achieve Consistency in Client, Contractor & Consultant (3C’s) Dynamics to Improve Decision Making & Enhance Collaboration


  • Utilizing established and recurring data to ensure consistency in interpretation of contracts and specifications to promote risk/dispute free communication, decision making and collaboration between 3C partners
  • Developing and integrating training culture with measurable goals oriented for continuous employee development and growth for improved project execution
  • Examining the dual role of consultants and contractors to gain clearer understanding of their role and to foster smoother interactions and project success

4:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Roberto Orlandi Director Project Governance, Knowledge Management & Innovation, Microsoft

4:30 pm End of Conference Day One